Live Bootleg Of Color Theory At Chris' Jazz Cafe In July 2018

I celebrated my 36th birthday this summer with a Color Theory concert at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia.

The audience was filled with family and friends and the band played their asses off.

For this gig we had the original lineup with saxophonist Caleb Curtis, drummer Anwar Marshall, pianist Adam Faulk, and bassist Madison Rast.

Luckily (for us all) the energy of that night was captured on this board recording.


First Set

  • Black

  • Circles On Black

  • The Conceptualizer

  • Green

  • "11386" from Coltrane's Lost Album

  • Agent Orange

Second Set

  • Accompanied Contrast

  • Around The Circle

  • Yellow

  • Gray (4 Freddie)

  • Dominant Curve

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