The Degenerate Art and Lost Works of painter Vasily Kandinsky

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

"From the outset that one word 'composition' sounded to me like a prayer." - Vasily Kandinsky

Born in Moscow in 1866, painter Vasily Kandinsky was an early pioneer of abstract art.

The "compositions" he painted between 1910 and 1939 represented his core artistic idea of painting as a visual expression of music where the canvas served as his score and shapes and colors as its notes.

With the rise of Hitler in 1933, abstract and other modern forms of art were labeled "degenerate" by the German Nazi Party. The first three of Kandinsky's compositions were confiscated from the Bauhaus in Weimar and he was forced to flee to Paris.

A year before World War II ended, Kandinsky died in exile with the knowledge that a bulk of his work including these compositions were ultimately destroyed.

The suite of music you hear on our new EP is a eulogy for Kandinsky and his "Lost Works."

Its a prayer for the dying and a hope for the future in our own time.

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