Where Do We Go From Here?

Welcome to the new beginning.

I've been a trumpeter, composer, recording artist, bandleader, teacher, friend, lover, husband, brother, nemesis, semi-pro beard model, and now blogger.

I'm starting this blog with the help of my wife Ola Baldych (designer & photographer) to share our appreciation of music, art, and design with you. You can expect an inside look into the life of two creative artists: our interests, ideas, stories, lessons learned, rants, raves, and random thoughts. I'll be sharing new music, scores, trumpet tips, yoga flows, and whatever else is on my radar at the moment.

We'll (hopefully) post daily so check back when you can or sign up for our newsletter to keep in the loop. If you have any interest in living a creative life then join us in this venture. Please comment, like, and offer suggestions for posts. Interested in horology? Let's talk chronographs! Need to fix your embouchure? I have a free buzz exercise for you! Got writers block? Me too!

I hope by this time next year, we will have created this space together. Thanks for joining us and now, where do we go from here?

PS. The photos above were taken by the wonderfully talented Gulnara Khamatova here in New York. Check her out.

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